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Criminal law

Criminal defense and representation of victims in the criminal and economic criminal procedures.

Criminal proceedings are a special area for us, because we both started our work in the legal practice from criminal practice. We know how difficult is the situation of a person standing on the charge of committing a crime against whom the entire state coercion apparatus is directed. Practice has also allowed us to get to know the situation of the other side: we know how lonely in the thicket of regulations feels the person wronged by a crime. We defend at every stage of the criminal and offense proceedings, also before the Supreme Court and at the stage of executing a penalty. We represent the interests of victims from the stage of notification of a crime to the final end of the proceedings.

In the field of criminal law, we practice in the area of:

  • criminal offenses,
  • accidents and other communication crimes,
  • medical malpractice,
  • drug offenses,
  • economic crimes,
  • criminal and fiscal responsibility,
  • proceedings regarding the European Arrest Warrant and other extradition proceedings,
  • offenses, including fiscal offenses,
  • executive criminal proceedings (concerning the execution of a penalty after a valid conviction).

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