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Immigration law

Legal services regarding foreigners in Poland.

Specializing in the immigration law, essentially a field of legal protection of foreigners, is the result of our beliefs, according to which a person in a difficult situation in legal terms must be provided with professional legal assistance. As part of this specialization, we deal with, among others, advice and representation in proceedings regarding:

  • employment of foreigners in Poland
  • confirmation of Polish citizenship,
  • issuing a European arrest warrant (EAW), execution of an EAW issued by a state other than Poland and other extradition proceedings,
  • granting and restoring Polish citizenship and recognition as a Polish citizen,
  • granting refugee status,
  • providing subsidiary protection,
  • granting consent for stay on humanitarian grounds or consent for tolerated stay
  • granting asylum to foreigners
  • granting temporary protection and refusing entry to the territory of the Republic of Poland,
  • detaining a foreigner, placing him in a guarded center or remanding in custody for foreigners.

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